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Access SF Web Site has been Purged

Access SF's web site (http://www.Accessf.org/) has been purged, effective 2006 February 22. If SFCTC's intent is to overhaul the site, they can do that without having to first erase everything that's already there. Web site authoring and maintenance should always be done off-line and updates posted on-line only after they are verified. There is no need to purge all of the information that SFCTC is mandated to make available to the community, unless the intent is to hide something. The San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance and the SFCTC Grant Agreement with the City and Country of San Francisco to operate Access SF mandates that SFCTC keep various documents available to the public. What are they trying to hide?

It's likely that Zane wanted to purge all of the information linked to from the Reform Access SF web site. I linked to many San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance-mandated documents that were posted on Access SF's web site. Now we will need to find alternative sources for these documents. People need to speak out about this outage:

You may still be able to access some pages from theInternet Archive Wayback Machine. I presume that at some future time, SFCTC will be posting replacement web site content. I predict that it will be missing a considerable about of documentation that was there before, whether it was mandated by the city, or was there just to benefit the community.


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