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There is no conflict supporting Access SF and public access television in San Francisco,
while fighting to expose the abuse and mismanagement of Zane Blaney and the SFCTC.


This site may not necessarily represent any official position of SFCTC, Access SF, or Zane Blaney. After all, I was terminated on Tuesday, January 10, 2006, and things change. What is official policy at a place where one person exercises the authority to change rules, policies, procedures, mandates, edicts, without notice, and routinely misrepresents the truth? If you want to know what official policy is, ask the Board of Directors and then when it doesn't fit your experiences or sense of reality, then you can ask them about that too.

Please remember that most staff have the best interests of the producers at heart. They are under the thumb of Zane's tyranny. If they speak up, they will receive the same treatment I have received. The best they can do is to be somewhat lax with Zane's mandates and risk showing favoritism to their friends while hoping Zane doesn't catch wind of it. Please don't give them any grief they may not deserve, however we are all entitled to fair and equitable treatment, and the policies and procedures must be enforced fairly and equitably.

I find that I occasional use "we" when I should be using "Access SF staff". I am going through a metamorphosis as I come to terms that I am no longer associated with Access SF, and have in-fact been banned from the facility for speaking out. I will be correcting thee grammatical errors over time as I come across them. Feel free to point these errors out to me.

As I write and edit this site, I find were even I suggest that so-and-so-staff-member did this or that. I recognize it's the same mode of thinking that some others felt when miss-placing blame on me. I'm striving to clean that up, and place any blame where I truly believe it belongs. Feel free to point these errors out to me.


Reform Access SF is a personal project of mine, Michael Faklis, a.k.a., The Lone Liberal. After a couple years volunteering on producer and staff projects at Access SF, Zane Blaney offered me the job of Operations Manager. I asked to be first hired as a Production Facilitator so I could learn the other aspects of the station's operations. Almost immediately I was subjected to discrimination and violation of numerous labor codes. I reported these to Zane Blaney, and he neglected to correct the problems. In fact, Zane Blaney threatened me with termination due to insubordination if I did not follow his directives and enforce his written and verbal rules, policies, procedures, and edicts. I began to see a pattern where people would complain about my enforcement, whiles other staff, including Zane Blaney would ignore the rules or grant waivers, all while I was obligated to enforce these to the letter of the rules, or face termination. Zane Blaney would discipline me because people were getting mad at me, for nothing other than enforcing the rules that Zane Blaney forced me to enforce or be subject to termination. Through out my employment, I followed the rules and obeyed Zane Blaney's directives. My concerns were expressed privately in face-to-face meetings and in writing to Zane Blaney, or when solicited in staff meetings. I finally appealed to the SFCTC Board of Directors to help resolve these grievances. Zane Blaney immediately terminated me for appealing to the SFCTC Board of Directors for help. There was no notice, conditions, or severance agreement associated with my termination. I am now free to attempt to clear my name, and to be a whistle-blower to expose Zane Blaney's miss-management of Access SF.

Remember that there are other ex-employees and ex-members of the SFCTC Board of Directors that have been forced out by Zane Blaney, for no other reason other than they advocated some reforms that Zane opposed.. We need to hear their stories as well.


Access SF is San Francisco's public access television station (cable channel 29). It is operated for the residents of San Francisco by the San Francisco Community Television Corporation (SFCTC), a non-profit corporation, under a contract with the City and County of San Francisco. Zane Blaney is the executive director of SFCTC. The SFCTC Board of Directors has oversight authority. SFCTC and Access SF is funded primarily by the residents of San Francisco, through the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

I will attempt to distinguish between;


I plan to document my experiences at Access SF to bring to light abuses and miss-management at Access SF, in hope to force reform of Access SF. I believe public access television in San Francisco is here for the benefit of the residents of San Francisco and to provide a opportunity for San Francisco residents to learn and a forum to express themselves through television media.

I believe the SFCTC Board of Directors are in need of major reforms. They seem to be hand-picked and subservient to the Executive Director,Zane Blaney. They refuse to exercise their oversight responsibility. They enable Zane Blaney to manage the way he does.

I believe Zane Blaney, the SFCTC Executive Director, has got to go. He runs that place as a tyrant, he abuses his employees, he holds producers in destain, and he will not tolerate other thoughts or views, even when expressed privately in a constructive manner.

Topics for Discussion:

As you will see, many of these topics are not written yet. as I write them and post them to this site, I will also send them to my Reform Access SF Mail List. This is a secured Internet email list, and I encourage anyone to subscribe. Please email me, , if you have ideas of other topics for discussion, or just want to correct my spelling and grammer errors.


Suspected SFCTC Violations:

There are some suspected violations, not accusations of any violations. All members of the San Francisco public access community are asked to read the Access SF Policies and Procedures, the SFCTC Bylaws, and the SFCTC Grant Agreement with the City and Country of San Francisco and exercise their rights under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance to see if there is any basis to any suspicions you may have. Let me know what you find.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should exercise thier obligation for oversight and hold hearings on SFCTC's mismanagement of Access SF.

Links to other "Reform Access SF" minded resources:

This site reflects my personal thoughts. Others may have a desire to reform Access SF, although their ways, means, or ultimate goals may differ somewhat from my own. Please send me links to any such site, and I will link to it here:


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