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There is no conflict supporting Access SF and public access television in San Francisco,
while fighting to expose the abuse and mismanagement of Zane Blaney and the SFCTC.

If you enjoy how Access SF is managed, or if through your rose-colored glasses, you prefer to stay in the dark, then the Reform Access SF web site is not for you. Perhaps you were looking for the official Access SF web site. A word of warning though, because if you bother to read the official Access SF web site and attempt to reconcile those statements to your own sense of reality, you may still need to come back here to make sense of it all.

Some people have suggested that I should not be exposing these issues about the mismanagement of Access SF, since it provides a road map for Zane Blaney to correct the problems, and therefore detracts from the legal cases being made to reform Access SF. Zane's track record of taking actions against anyone suggesting a difference of opinion speaks for itself. I doubt Zane will feel compelled to make any real reforms. Doing so would reinforce the credibility of the arguments I've been making, as well as acknowledging I've been right all along. Any reforms resulting from my efforts are welcome, but as long as Zane remains in place, don't hold your breath.

Official Access SF Has Been Purged!

On Wednesday, February 22, 2006, I discovered that the entire official Access SF web site had been purged. Read more about this at Reform Access SF - Access SF Web Site has been Purged.

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